You Want It Bad: Miami Sound Machine’s Primitive Love Gets Remastered with Unreleased Material

Vibe On Records expands Miami Sound Machine’s breakout LP Primitive Love

Miami Sound Machine’s Primitive Love album is getting ready to heat up 2017, more than 30 years after its original release.

Few modern-day listeners realize it because so much of the group’s back catalog languished out of print seemingly forever, but it took Miami Sound Machine nearly ten albums to score a break out hit. That hit, “Conga,” was a smash and not only allowed Miami Sound Machine to “cross over,” but also rocketed them from regional to international recognition in one fell swoop as the song became a dancefloor phenomenon.

Thanks to “Conga” and further top-ten singles “Bad Boy” and “Words Get In The Way,” it didn’t take long for Primitive Love to reach gold status. Then platinum. And platinum again two more times, eventually selling more than five million copies worldwide.

This first ever deluxe edition boasts four previously unreleased bonus tracks and an additional six which were, until now, only available on vinyl. Unreleased mixes by the Estefans’ engineer Eric Schilling make their debut on the set, along with the original demo version of the hit “Falling In Love (Uh-Oh)”. The booklet features a new essay by journalist and critic Quentin Harrison, along with input from Rolling Stone journalist Larry Flick and Billboard columnist Keith Caulfield. The album has been newly remastered by Mike Piacentini at Battery Studios in New York, from the original master tapes.

Pre-orders for the album are being taken now via, with early orders receiving a limited CD-sized art card that will serve as an alternate album cover. Pre-order pricing is in place until the March 31 ship date. The album will be available to purchase from beginning April 14.

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Track List:

Disc One:

  1. Body To Body (3:56)
  2. Primitive Love (4:42)
  3. Words Get In The Way (3:23)
  4. Bad Boy (3:53)
  5. Falling In Love (Uh-Oh) (3:58)
  6. Conga (4:11)
  7. Mucho Money (4:44)
  8. You Made A Fool Of Me (2:54)
  9. Movies (2:57)
  10. Surrender Paradise (4:50)Bonus Tracks:
  11. Hablas De Mí* (3:05)
  12. Hot Summer Nights (From “Top Gun”) (3:34)
  13. Suave (From “Cobra”) (3:03)
  14. Body To Body (Extended Dance Edit)** (4:48)
  15. Primitive Love (Extended Dance Edit)** (5:09)
  16. No Me Vuelvo A Enamorar (Words Get In The Way–Spanish) (3:29)
  17. Bad Boy (Shep Pettibone 7” Remix) (3:42)
  18. Falling In Love (Uh-Oh) (Demo)** (3:58)
  19. Mucho Money (Spanish Version)* (4:44)
  20. Conga (The Stronga-Conga Remix) (4:24)

Disc Two:

  1. Conga (Pablo Flores Dance Mix) (6:00)
  2. Bad Boy (Pablo Flores Club Mix)* (6:26)
  3. Falling In Love (Uh-Oh) (Pablo Flores Extended Remix) (6:07)
  4. Body To Body (Extended Dance Mix) (6:47)
  5. Primitive Love (Extended Dance Mix) (6:23)
  6. Bad Boy (Rubber-Club-Dub Mix)* (6:18)
  7. Falling In Love (Uh-Oh) (Pablo Flores 7” Remix) (3:07)
  8. Bad Boy (Shep Pettibone Remix) (6:11)
  9. Conga (Instrumental)* (4:52)
  10. Bad Boy (Shep Pettibone Dub Version) (6:43)
  11. Falling In Love (Uh-Oh) (Pablo Flores Dub Version)* (5:18)
  12. Bad Boy (Extended Dance Mix) (6:22)
  13. Bad Boy (Extended Dub Mix)** (6:15)
    *Previously unavailable on CD.
    **Previously unreleased.


As one of the biggest new stars to emerge during the mid-’80s, singer Gloria Estefan predated the coming Latin pop explosion by a decade, scoring a series of propulsive dance hits rooted in the rhythms of her native Cuba. During her illustrious career, Estefan has won numerous awards including seven Grammys. She also received an American Music Award for Lifetime Achievement and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


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